Best Resorts in Thekkady

Tips for choosing resorts in Thekkady

Choosing the best resort is as crucial as choosing the most suitable destination and the tour operator as well. A trip operator can prepare a great plan for the holidays which you have planned though, he can never decide a hotel or resort of his choice. In case your holiday plan is to a serene location like Thekkady, you can search for the best hotels in Thekkady, considering your wish lists and interests. You can also opt for the best resorts in Thekkady if you wish to enjoy a pleasant stay during your trip. Planning a journey requires skill in the area but selecting the best resorts in Thekkady is subjective which no one can know your taste of choices hotel it might depend on your standard of living, style, requirements, budget, expectations and certain personal interests. So when you are planning for a vacation, you need to get involved with your tour operator for searching your favorite resorts that align with your taste of choices and wish lists.  Here are a few things that you should be taken care of while selecting the luxury hotels in Thekkady.


Your first preference should be your budget and you can check the availability of different resorts or hotels on your budget. It is better not to go for very inexpensive options as they might lack cleanliness, facility and most significantly safety. You can expect good resorts ranging from 1500 onwards. When you take budget resorts you cannot expect anything extra in the resort but only with basic amenities. Budget hotels are favored when your mindset is to have a good stay with more focus on exploring places and activities. There are chances you may get the best price resorts from your tour operators instead of booking directly.

Location of your resort

Choosing your taste of hotel in Thekkady is another important aspect you should be taken care of while planning your trip to Thekkady. Make it a point to consider the location of the resort and its closeness to the town. Most of the famous destinations, the majority of good hotels and resorts are outside the town location; however, many decent options are very near to the town area as well. The selection process of resorts must depend on your interests. When you choose resorts that are outside the city, you get to enjoy the best sight. Whereas while staying in a city resort, there are always options to roam all over the place in the city. But when you planned the trip to get more relaxation and relief from your hectic city life, choosing the resort that is away from the city is a good option for maximizing your pleasure level during this trip. So always check the resort location before starting your trip.

Resort category

There are many luxury hotels and premium resorts in Thekkady. You can find many resorts ranging from budget to 5 Star. Resort category must depend on your budget, your standard of living, requirements, expectations and much more. You have to find resorts with good service and decent room facilities. Good resorts in Thekkady will definitely provide you with an enormous experience within the eternal natural beauty of forest and wildlife. You can also experience the spice gardens in different areas of Thekkady. A seamless environment of the resort will give you memorable Thekkady moments.


Most of the resorts have their own restaurant to prepare and deliver food. If you are a pure vegetarian and then you might not be wanting to take food from a mixed restaurant, so you have to make sure and check this regard on your priority basis. So before finalizing your resort, you need to check the type of foods they provide and its quality.

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