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The hill stations of Kerala are great escae whenever we think of summer destinations in India. They strike our minds due to their beautiful atmosphere and cool environment throughout the year. These hill stations in God’s own country are ideal places to relax and chill with your family, friends, relatives and even colleagues. Panchalimedu is one such place in the Idukki district of Kerala, South India which is famous as a historical place. Nevertheless, it has started gaining popularity as one of the natural and unpolluted hill stations in Kerala over a while. On being surrounded by deep valleys and sky-high hills, Panchalimedu is a summer retreat for every tourist, who is looking forward to witnessing the unseen brilliance of nature. So, are you ready for your trip to Panchalimedu in Kerala this summer?

Best Time To Visit Panchalimedu

Being a hill station, the climate in and around Panchalimedu remains cool and pleasant during the year. Henceforth, it can be visited anytime during a year. Due to its ever satisfying weather, even during the summer season, Panchalimedu is an amazing place to retreat for a relaxing summer vacation in Kerala.

Panchalimedu is believed to be the site, where Pandavas along with their spouse, Panchali, stayed during their deportation. Portrayed by misty hills and lush meadows, this charming hill station must be on the bucket list of every explorer, who loves visiting unexplored and untold places. Due to the presence of an ancient temple of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, Panchalimedu is also a vital religious site, where thousands of pilgrims come to receive blessings from their goddess every year. The delightful beauty of Panchalimedu is the major reason why everyone should catch sight of this small paradise in the making. Standing atop its hills and feeling a chilled breeze sending you to the world of retirement is something you cannot experience everywhere every time.

Showering its natural beauty, Panchalimedu is also considered a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. Nevertheless, due to the presence of several historical places in the region, this tiny yet pleasant hill station becomes something special to every tourist who visits. You can find the perfect blend of nature and history everywhere in Panchalimedu and is one of the few places which provide you with this enduring experience in Kerala.

The other major places to visit here include Goddess Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Panchalikulam, Pandavaguha and the footprints of Bhima.

There are a lot of other places around Panchalimedu, too, which might interest you, thereby, enforcing you to visit Panchalimedu again. These places include the hill stations of Parunthumpara and Peeru Hills, Valanjanganam Waterfall and Valliyamkavu Devi Temple.

Based on fables from the Indian mythology, it is said that Panchalimedu was occupied by several tribes thousands of years ago before the Pandavas along with Draupadi came here to spend a short period during their expulsion. Hence, you can also find Panchalikulam, a pond, and Pandavaguha, where Draupadi and Pandavas used to bathe and tenant, respectively. The current place of Bhuvaneshwari Temple was the place where the idol of Goddess Durga was placed, which was given by Pandavas to the tribals after they were pleased with their hospitality. Over some time, Panchalimedu became a place of historical and religious significance due to the presence of many ancient temples and historic sites.
There is a lot to witness in Panchalimedu ranging from virgin hills to wet grasslands and ancient pools to ancient temples. So, plan a trip to Panchalimedu today and savor its marvels spread in the form of historic sites and beautiful viewpoints. Arrange your stay at the best hotels in Thekkady and enjoy hills, grasslands, temples to ponds and trekking trails with hiking spots. With the stay at any best resorts in Thekkady, there is a lot to enjoy.

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