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Attractions of Thekkady

There are many ways to explore nature during your visit to Thekkady. A visit to the Periyar Tiger Reserve, a nature walk through the forest, jungle safari etc are the must-try activities during your trip. But make sure,  you find a perfect stay at the best hotels in Thekkady so that you would be able to enjoy each moment of your trip!

The Periyar Tiger Reserve 

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is considered South India‚Äôs most popular wildlife haven. This asylum is home to around 1000 elephants, around 35 tigers, buffalo, wild pigs, langurs and deer along with other than  puzzling exhibit of different varieties of species. The vegetation here is made of evergreen and semi evergreen rainforests with the shade on occasion arriving at a stature of 40 to 50 meters.The Periyar and Pamba rivers flow through the forest and the main attraction of this scene is, at certain times during the day,  animals come to drink around the:  large artificial lake. This is an absolute visual treat to the people visiting Periyar Tiger Reserve.
Another feature is the People oriented community based ecotourism  which is the hallmark of Periyar Tiger Reserve. These projects are of course led by the local people who,by taking travelers along not just decipher the estimations of Periyar and improve the guest experience yet in addition add to the assurance of the recreation center and acquire an earning out of it. 

Nature Walk In Thekkady

It is an interpretive sandal wood protection trekking program that offers excellent opportunities, a view of varieties of butterflies and other known and unknown  animal lives going through a scope of living spaces during the 4-5 km 3-hours walk. These treks give an amazing experience for the visitors inside the Park. Rather than just passively making a trip, make a  choice among the best resorts in Thekkady so that they give the right directions and right kind of advises throughout your trip.

Jungle Safari In Thekkady

This program offers a three-hour night trek providing the rarest of rare opportunity to observe some of the interesting night life of the Thekkady forest such as civet, mouse deer, flying squirrel and various nocturnal bird species. This is ideal for younger visitors and even the family visitors and who are disciplined enough to walk in the silence of the night without causing imbalance to the lives of the wildlife living in there.

Plan your trip the best possible way with the best hotels in Thekkady and enjoy the nature at its best!

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